Entering the server accepts these rules.

  • §1 Insults: Anyone who does not speak reasonable tone and offends others, whether direct or subtle,
    must live with the consequences. Furthermore, no offensive nicknames or avatar images may be used.

  • §2 Disrupting calls: Users who deliberately interfere with calls (for example, by channel hopping)
    and even after repeated admonitions show no insight, must expect a channel or server kick.

  • §3 Disputes: Private misunderstandings and disputes are
    also to be kept private and do not belong on the TS3.

  • §4 Noise: Obscene noises or noise of the headset are to be omitted! It is
    also asked to set the microphone so that the breathing is not constantly heard
    or if you eat alongside and you have nothing to say so please disable your micro.